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This Years Game

This year's game is virtually I giant game of tic-tac-toe with goals being placed in three rows of three and the center most goal being two feet taller than the other 5 foot goals. By placing small tetrahedrons shaped objects made of PVC , called Tetras, on top of larger tetrahedrons in a row of three and effectively "owning" it, you are able to win 10 points. By just placing a tetrahedron on top of a goal you get 3 points and for it being under a goal you get 1 point. Points are also awarded if the robot is able to return to the starting zone before the time runs out.Because, this year's game is three versus three, the playing field this year has been expanded to allow room for the two extra robots. The robot can gather tetrahedrons this year by either going to an automated loading area where it can grab a tetra, or going to a manual loading area where the robot is disabled and the Human Player places the tetra onto the robot. Bonus tetras are placed onto the goals if, during autonomous mode, the robot can effectively cap a tetra that was previously placed on the field. One of the three robots is also capable of starting the game holding a tetra.


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