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Our Team

The Waterford High School Robotics Team 521, L33T (elite) CREW, sponsored by Dominion/Millstone Power Station. the team was first assembled for the 2001 FIRST (For Inspiration & Recognition in Science & Technology) Robotics Competition. The team competed at the Regional Competition in Hartford, CT, winning ALL STAR ROOKIE OF THE YEAR AWARD for 2001!

The FIRST Robotics competition introduces its yearly competition by a live presentation of the game which is made available through the Internet for all to view at once. The game changes each year, so the game rules and specifications are presented to all for the first time. Rules are given for what is to be accomplished during the 2 minute game session, how allegiance teams are aligned, how points are scored and what is allowed. The teams take it from there. FIRST unveils the game during the first weeks The teams then have six weeks to develop a strategy, prototype, and final product that would accomplish whatever they brainstormed to be the necessary ingredient for success in the tournament. The robots then have to be tested and shipped by 5:00 on Tuesday 6 weeks later.

in 2002 Team 521 L33tCREW competed in the Regional in New Haven, CT, winning the UTC New England Regional Delphi ''Driving Tomorrow's Technology'' Judge's award in New Haven. They qualified to compete in the 2002 National FIRST Robotics Competition held at Disney World's Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida, April 25-27.

A total of 289 teams from across the country and Canada participated in the National Championships. The teams were divided into our divisions named after famous scientists (Archimedes, Curie, Newton and Einstein). Team 521 climbed to 19th place at one point in the Curie Division. While the team did not make it to the elimination matches, one of the teams presented Team 521 with an award plaque for the robot's innovative design.

Team 521 L33T Crew, along with Team 236 Techno Ticks from Old Lyme, host the Bash at the Beach Yearly. This event is a mini version of the FIRST Robotic competition all team are welcome to compete in the day long competition however we do limit the number of team that that may enter due to space containments.

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