Before you continue I'd like to thank-you for trying our product. This program is free and available for download. Our services for this program include:
  • Installation - $75 US
  • Customization - Provide specfications we provide a free quote
  • Add-on Modules which include:
    • E-Mail Broadcast Add-on Module - From the administrator web panel broadcast messages to all your members by e-mail.
    • Redirect Download Add-on Module - Protect PDF, zip, word documents, excel files; in fact any binary file

    Each add-on module is $10 US or $15 US for both. Click here to purchase and download.

Now for the Demonstration:

SQL QuickRegister program offers two methods of controlling access to the pages through a Redirect CGI Script. The CGI Script builds the HTML page dynamically or calls the Full URL directly.

HTML pages built dynamically are secure and protected from bookmarking.

In both methods the CGI Script checks that the user/member has:
  1. logged in by examining the login cookie
  2. checks that the user/member's account is active
  3. checks that the user/member's account has not expired.
  4. checks that the lapse time from the last click of the mouse has not been surpassed.

You can test this feature by
  1. bookmarking the links, close down the browser then access the links.
  2. closing down the browser, starting it up, turn off the cookies then login.

With our Redirect Download Script you can protect binary files such as PDF, zip, Microsoft Word Files, etc...

We now invite you to test out the adminstrative web panel. From the web panel you have access to all your members' profiles. You can change the expiry date, deny access with an activation field, or update the member's address information. The password is 12345678 . (Please have your cookies turned on. A temporary cookie is created to allow access.) Web Panel

For more information about our product refer to our documentation.

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